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Re: [IP] Indoor Water Park

If you "really" are in the water most of the time, chances are you 
will not need your pump except to correct for lunch and junk food. 
Lily manages all day without her pump at water parks and bg's are 

>   If someone in your party is not in the water or if you can access
>   a 
> locker, one solution is simply to disconnnect and every hour go back
> to the pump, conect, and bolus the hourly basal in a lump.  You
> could likely even do that at 2 h intervals.  Since you'll likely
> want to check BG often, you'll need some place to keep your meter
> save anyway. -wayne
> >  Next week we're taking the kids to an indoor waterpark in Ohio.
> >  How have
> >  people handled their pump in situations like this.  We'll be in
> >  the water for
> >  hours, so I don't want to disconnect.  I have a Paradigm, so its
> >  waterproof.My concern is losing the pump in the water.  I have the
> >  lousy holster, that
> >  has let go on me in the past.  My suit is a one piece.  I'm not
> >  sure what to
> >  do.  Any advice would be appreciated.
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