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RE: [IP] Upgrading pump & eye problems

Don't forget to look at ALL pumps on the market!  Animas, Disetronic and
other offer 21st century PUMPING!

Donald Novotney RN BSN CDE

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OK Group,

I've been using a MM508 for almost 2.5 years.  NEVER have I had any 
communication with MM regarding upgrading to a Paradigm.  How have other
this list, been contacted regarding upgrading???


On another note:  Since my diagnosis in 1980, I've seen an
I've never required seeing him more than once a year.  My insurance is
HMO, my endocrinologist is my primary care physician, and if I felt I
to see the opthamologist prior to my "yearly" appt, I'd call my doctor
tell her what was happening.  She then would "refer" me to my
so that I could get in right away.

Don't know about the rest of you, but after having my eyes checked
for retinopathy, I'd hate to have to cut back to every two years.

Lea I
in Indiana, where it's sunny and pleasant today at 45 degrees!

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