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[IP] Soap Box & ? about Hypo Awareness

email @ redacted writes:
>Soap Box & ? about Hypo Awareness
>Had a doctors appointment on Tuesday morning. A1c was 5.8, four months ago
>was 5.4. At that time my endo told me to loosen up a bit so I did. I also
>learned something new yesterday from my CDE, she said that the longer we
>are doing pump therapy and are in such good control the less hypo aware we
>become. I told her that I noticed that when I have a reading of say mid
>50's every once in a while I feel just fine. Of course I will treat the low
>and be on my way. Usually it takes a reading of 40 or less for me to feel
>the symptoms of a low. She stated that every once in a while it is OK to
>run your numbers up a little higher than usual for a week to bring back the
>sensitivity of lows. Not that I don't trust her, but has anybody else heard
>of this before?
>I neglected to ask how high she suggest you should run the numbers, I will
>ask her via email today.
>Michael Chambers
>Lebanon, ME

  For me the pump has really helped me to regain hypo awareness. Some thing I
did not realize I has lost till I got it back. It happened simply because I no
longer go low regularly any more. In the beginning I did run a bit higher like
150ish for
 a few months and I think that helped too. It's really great when you can
actually feel a 70 again. My lows feel much more like they did when I was a kid.
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