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[IP] Carrying Staph & More Duh Situations (Long)

<I have just had an experience with a Staph infection. It has been AWFUL !!!>


I had a very similar experience with a Staph infection just prior to being
diagnosed with Diabetes.  It all started with a benign breast cyst that became 
infected - how, I don't know.  I have had cystic breasts for years, as do most 
 of the women in my family, so at first I thought it was just the usual soreness
I would get before my period.  But then it didn't go away.  The soreness kept 
increasing and my one breast blew up to twice the size of the other one with a 
 big red spot. The red spot went away, but the pain did not. It looked like I
a bad implant.  

 I saw a breast specialist and she aspirated 90 cc's of fluid off the first time
 said it looked like an infection. I was put on antibiotics and told to come
back in
 a week, and if it wasn't any better, I would probably have to have an Incision
Drainage like you had.  A week later, I went back and had another 50 cc's 
aspirated and the results from the lab confirmed that it was Staph. 

 I had outpatient surgery a few days later where they drained the cyst and
 gauze in the open wound for it to drain. In the initial packing, they used an
 bottle (5 yards) of that gauze to pack an area the size of a fist, I was told.
I was
then sent home, and had visiting nurses who came twice a day to change the 
 packing initially, and then once a day for several weeks. It was extremely
even with pain meds and there was no way I could change it myself.  

 I lost 5 pounds in 5 days after the surgery and was extremely nauseous. I
 it was the antibiotics, pain meds and anesthesia. I now know it was ketones. I
 healed well though, in fact very quickly, and the doctors and nurses kept
me I was young and healthy.

 During this entire process I kept asking the question, how did I get a Staph
 and abscess in the first place? The surgeon said she didn't know, that it lives
on our
skin, and "lots of women get them."  Well, I don't know any women who have had 
breast abscesses unless they were nursing.  

 Prior to having the surgery, I requested that they do pre-op blood work to
 everything because I hadn't had any blood work for 10 years. My sister had been
 nagging me to get it done because I had steadily been losing weight for the
past 6
 months without any effort. In fact, I was eating whatever I wanted and losing
 a pound a week. I really thought it was a combination of my new job where I'm
on my
 feet running around all day and the fact that I had switched to a really low
 birth control pill after years of being on a higher dose. I had other symptoms
as well,
 that in hind-sight, all added up to Diabetes (I always some other explanation).
I told
 my sister I would get the blood work done after I got this breast thing
straightened out.
 Then when I had to have the surgery, I though what better time to get the tests
 As it turns out, they only did a basic CBC checking my red blood cell count. So
 when they operated on me, I had Diabetes with sky-high blood sugar and ketones,
and nobody knew!

 Six weeks after the surgery, still feeling nauseous and extremely fatigued, I
went to a
 doctor and insisted on getting a referral for all the blood work. My fasting
blood sugar
 was 328 and 465 PP with large ketones. Anyway, when I went to see the surgeon
 a follow-up visit, I told her I thought I'd found the answer to why I got the
infection in the
 first place: I had Type 1 Diabetes. She looked shocked and said she usually
 checks blood sugar if the abscess comes back (which it probably would have).
 she looked in my file to see what kind of pre-op blood work they did (or didn't
do), and
 said they probably didn't check because I was "too young." Too young for what?
 guess because of my age (37), nobody was looking for Type 1 or Type 2. I told
her I
 also had Hypothyroidism (which is another thing I asked to have checked because
 runs in my family), and she said they wouldn't check that unless I was "having
 problem." Then she said it was a good thing I caught it when I did. I kept
 you could've caught it 2 months ago, especially when I asked for the tests! I
think the Staph infection itself should've been a red flag.

Dx'd T1 3/02, pumping since 8/02, and apparently too much coffee this morning!
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