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[IP] Re: ] Soap Box & ? about Hypo Awareness

Michael -

Before I was on the pump, I started having hypo-unawareness and had a couple 
of times that I became disoriented, etc.  My CDE had me do exactly what your 
nurse is saying.  I ran my BS even in the 300's for a week or so, if I 
remember correctly...and then she had me gradually lower them (300's for a 
week, mid/low 200's for a couple weeks).  The whole process took about 3 
weeks for me I think.  And it worked.  I think from what I have read and 
heard that even keeping BS in the "normal" range works as well.  What really 
causes the unawareness is from being under the "normal" range too many 
times...and you're body gets used to it...so even keeping BS at the normal 
level will correct the unawareness since your body (liver) is not in the 
mode of thinking it needs to crank out adrenaline, glucose, etc.  Maybe 
running BS in 200-300 range just works a bit quicker to readjust your body 
to lows, plus it ensures that there will not be any "accidental" lows, since 
you are running BS so high.


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