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[IP] Ignorant Comments

 I didn't really say much to coworkers or other people when I first started
pumping. I
 guess I just wasn't comfortable enough about it. My first negative experience
was at work.
 I was working at my second job (Best Buy cashier!) that I had that Christmas
and had only
 been pumping a few months. A customer noticed it on my belt and said, "Oh, is
that an
 insulin pump?" I was kind of excited that someone knew what it was. But then he
 "Yeah, my grandmother has to have one of those. She has diabetes really bad
off". And his
girlfriend gave me a "oh what a freak" look.
It made me want to hide it.
 Most of the time now I wear it in my pants side pocket just because I worry
less about
 getting caught on things or dropping it. I don't really mention it to everyone
I see, but
 I'm not ashamed to whip it out and bolus, either. I've changed my batteries at
my desk at
 It's sad that we are trying to be healthier by using a pump, trying to get good
 and life more normal lives, and people think we must be in bad shape to need

Sherry C
>From the massive city in Bowling Green KY
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