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[IP] Re: Bloody Site

Summer -

I just had this happen to me...but actually mine sounds a bit worse than 
yours.  I put in the site (with the Silserter) and noticed it was bloody and 
bruised (and was sore).  Also, after exercising (boxerobics...had a lot of 
movement, etc.), I noticed bright red blood, that seemed to be in the 
cannula.  I was nervous...thought I would have to replace the site.  But, I 
just monitored my numbers and it seemed to be just fine...the site lasted 
the same time as normal and everything.  I figured (and learned from IP) 
that I just knicked a vein or something when inserting (bruising, 
bleeding)...then it would heal up and then I would go to boxerobics and 
cause it to get knicked again.

Hope this helps!

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