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[IP] Eye Problems

 I wanted to add my voice to the chorus of folks encouraging frequent exams by
opthalmologists. I was seeing an opthalmologist every 6 months while in my first
year of law school. Something crazy must have happened over that summer because
my spring exam was fine (I think she'd seen some things to warrant keeping an
eye on me, but no actual problem), but by the time I saw my doctor in September
(I scheduled a visit after a nurse looked at my UNdilated eyes and said it
looked bad!) I'd developed serious enough retinopathy to require a lot of laser
that fall and a vitrectomy by spring. So, I'm an advocate for seeing an actual
opthalmologist you trust as often as you can--like every six months--more if
there's a concern.

dx'd '86, pumping '01
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