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Responding to Subject: [IP] Soap Box & ? about Hypo Awareness

"She stated that every once in a while it is OK to
run your numbers up a little higher than usual for a week to bring back the
sensitivity of lows. Not that I don't trust her, but has anybody else heard
 of this before? I neglected to ask how high she suggest you should run the
numbers, I will
ask her via email today."

 Just having our blood sugars in a tight range limits our hypoglycemia awareness
because we are usually drifting down slowly rather than crashing the way we used
to do on shots. I would also suggest checking into an approach called BGAT -
Blood Glucose Awareness Training. It teaches recognition of very subtle clues
that are unique to each individual. For me, I drop things before I get any
standard symptoms. Awareness can be restored in most people when they have had
no hypoglycemia for about 30 days.
Leigh J. Steed, RN, CDE
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