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[IP] Indoor Water Park

  If someone in your party is not in the water or if you can access a 
locker, one solution is simply to disconnnect and every hour go back 
to the pump, conect, and bolus the hourly basal in a lump.  You could 
likely even do that at 2 h intervals.  Since you'll likely want to 
check BG often, you'll need some place to keep your meter save anyway.

>  Next week we're taking the kids to an indoor waterpark in Ohio.
>  How have
>  people handled their pump in situations like this.  We'll be in
>  the water for
>  hours, so I don't want to disconnect.  I have a Paradigm, so its
>  waterproof.My concern is losing the pump in the water.  I have the
>  lousy holster, that
>  has let go on me in the past.  My suit is a one piece.  I'm not
>  sure what to
>  do.  Any advice would be appreciated.
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