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[IP] Take it off, take it all off -- Pump that is.

> >>>  It always surprises me when people
> say they disconnect for various activities.  When you don't have that
> option,
> you figure out how to make do without it.  I consider that pump a part of
> ME.
> Why take it off?  If the pump is waterproof, it isn't even necessary in
> shower!>>>

I have become one of those who "takes it off" for showering and will for
pool walking.

My reasons?

Even though my Animas is waterproof,  I have to either wear it on a belt in
the shower, or put it on a soap dish and risk having it fall a lot .

When (and please list people I need some gentle pushing) I go back to
exercising in the pool, I know I drop a good 40 points.  Instead of carbing
up and continuing to receive insulin, it seems more beneficial to just take
the pump off.


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