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: Re: [IP] ignorant comments about diabetes treatment (Was Re:JDR F ads)

I think it depends on what sort of mood I'm in. I'm not freaked out at all 
from being on the pump. It just bothers me at how ignorant most people are 
about diabetes and how often I have to explain things. I would much prefer 
some honest questions about it instead of someone assuming they "know what 
a pump means" ... One would think that diabetes has been around long enough 
and it's prevalent enough that more people would understand some things 
about it. I imagine it's the same with any other disease. People don't 
understand HIV all that much, or even cancer. Until you get a particular 
disease and you have an intimate understanding of it, you never really have 
to know much about it.
I just get tired of explaining.

>"Oh! your diabetes is so bad you have to be on a pump!"

>you should (well, sort of) let it go. i think most people are "freeked"
>about any "machine like attachment" (darn.... its a little freeky to me)
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