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Re: [IP] Re: Bad site?

A bad res. leaks and therefore does not deliver the full amount of Insulin,
in my daughters case, her doses are quite small to begin with and with
little to no delivery, the cannula clogs and collapses or bends.  This is
what I came up with and it made since because I have not had bent canulas as
such since I replaced my reservoirs...PLEASE give me feedback if anyone

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> > I had this exact problem and found out than my reservoirs were bad.  I
> > not the only one, MM had to know that there is a batch of bad reservoirs
> out
> > there.  You'd think there would be a recall perhaps?  My daughter was
> > unexplainably high with clogged/bent canulas for 5 days.  I am still mad
> > over that.
> Please explain how a bad reservoir can bend a canula - this doesn't seem
> correlate.
> Janduh
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