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Re: [IP] Indoor Water Park

 Heres what I do for aqua aerobics. Hopefully your swimsuit has a X back not
sure if it'll work on other types. I put the pump in my holster(which holds the
pump tight but the holster itself can pop off) then I put the holster right in
the middle of the back at the X - But put it so the pump is between the swimsuit
and your back and the clippy part is on the outside of the swim suit. The
tightness of the swimsuit will hold it tight at your back. I've done this
many,many times and it doesn' fall off or bounce around. I have also tried
placing it at the bottome of the back above the butt but the swim suit is so
thin there the clip slides around.

 You could also get a waist-it. But it wouldn't work for me cause my waist is
27" and the shortest the waist-it can go is like 30" so it won't tighten enough.
I have to cut off the velcro and re-sew it on. But my machine is broken and I
don't have time to fiddel with it.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> Next week we're taking the kids to an indoor waterpark in Ohio.  
> How have
> people handled their pump in situations like this.  We'll be in 
> the water for
> hours, so I don't want to disconnect.  I have a Paradigm, so its 
> waterproof.My concern is losing the pump in the water.  I have the 
> lousy holster, that
> has let go on me in the past.  My suit is a one piece.  I'm not 
> sure what to
> do.  Any advice would be appreciated.
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