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Re: Subject: [IP] Re: Eye Problems

The idea is catch problems before they get bad, not wait until it is serious.

The ADA recommends at least one exam per year. But IMO that is a minimum. I 
used to be in a HMO, and they only covered one exam per year, so that's what I 
did. I regret adhering to that policy. Several years ago my right eye worsened 
considerably between exams. By the time I got it checked, not even liberal 
doses of laser was enough--I had to have surgery.

Of course, this is more applicable to long-time (ca. 20-40 years)diabetics 
like me. But if you have been diabetic for awhile and you can afford it, go as 
often as you reasonably can. And find a GOOD retinal specialist. It's worth it.

> > Am I the only one who was told to see an Ophthalmologist every YEAR? 
> in ontario, our provincial health plan only covers a complete eye exam (for
> people with fairly normal vision) once every two years.  diabetics are
> covered for a yearly retinal examination.    because i don't need glasses
> (right now) and there are no serious problems, i go to the optometrist, and
> if anything serious was to happen, i would be sent to the opthamologist.  my
> mom and brother go to the opthamologist in the first place because they have
> way more vision problems than i do.  :)
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