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[IP] Re: Staph

>  I don't know how knowledgeable I really am but...actually we are all
> technically staph carriers since we all have some naturally occuring on
> skin. However, it's the strain of staph organism that makes the difference
> some are more resistant to antibiotics and can cause pretty bad illness in
> right person. <snip>
> Joann, Mom to Cara

This is exactly my point of me suffering at age 3 with those boils, sties,
and carbuncles (staph infections transferred from my stepfather) and never
treated for them for the next 8 years. Then, my pancreas was damaged and at
age 11.5 I went into a coma and dx'd IDDM. No doctor, no antibiotics, no
nothing all those years other than Watkin's Petro Carbo Salve and Band-Aids.
They hurt, they were often, and I had 5 on one leg at one time and could
hardly walk - still have pock marks. Something had to give. :-(

BTW, for those who don't know, Joann is a doctor.

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