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Re: [IP] Sets

>>>I still use the bent needle because it was the most advanced infusion set
available in 1995 when I started pumping.<<<

That's funny.  I started pumping in 1990.  They had just come out with SofSets
(without any sort of release on them).  One of the big reasons why I went
ahead and started pumping was because of that plastic cannula, which I was
much more willing to accept inside of me, rather than an actual needle.

I have pumped nonstop ever since, and never used infusion sets with a metal
needle on them, so I am quite sure they were available for use in 1995 as

Which reminds me of the topic of disconnecting briefly.  Finally, a year or
two after they came out with the disconnect capability, I started using those.
I then began disconnecting during showers.  It always surprises me when people
say they disconnect for various activities.  When you don't have that option,
you figure out how to make do without it.  I consider that pump a part of ME.
Why take it off?  If the pump is waterproof, it isn't even necessary in the

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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