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Re: [IP] Eye Problems

> >While my Optometrist is not a medical doctor, she does dilate my eye at
> >every examination.
> In most, if not all states, optometrists may dilate eyes, prescribe
> and may prescribe certain medications such as ointments.  They may not, as
> a rule, perform surgery or invasive procedures or give injectables.  But
> these are generally regulated by the state, not the federal government.

True.  My optometrist has said if and when the time comes, I will go to an
ophthalmologist for whatever surgery I need.  I have Stage 2 cataracts and
will eventually need to have them removed.  I've had one retinopathy that
cleared itself.  (That is, my internist thought he saw it, and my
optometrist didn't see it during dilation.

I'm on a six month recall for my eyes.

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