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Subject: [IP] how to store extra pump

I am one of the ones who has been saying that MM pumps should not be stored
without batteries.  I got those instructions from two sources -- MM tech
support and a former MM sales rep.  If this is misinformation, not only does
this list need to be informed, but so do MM's employees.

When storing my pump for a couple of weeks, I couldn't figure out what to do
with it.  I ended up keeping it out in either my kitchen or living room, where
I expected I would hear if it started throwing fits.  (Not exactly convenient,
but I was afraid to put it away, or even in a room that wasn't heavily
trafficked during the day.  I think I would have worried about it even then,
if I were not a homemaker at home most of the time!)  It never did, but as
soon as I pressed a button after two weeks, I got a low battery alarm (that
set of batteries had been in use prior to the two week break).  I expect it
probably would have alarmed sooner had I been pressing buttons.

Unless I am mistaken, I believe I read about someone else on this list who got
a new Paradigm, played with it for a while, and removed the batteries, because
they hadn't been trained in its use yet.  When the day to be trained on the
pump arrived, they tried to insert new batteries to begin again and discovered
that they had done the wrong thing.  The pump didn't work and had to be
replaced, because the batteries had been removed.

I hope there is someone who works for MM reading this who would be willing to
clear up the confusion.  I personally would LOVE to be able to store it
without batteries, but have been led to believe that that is a no-no from MM
people.  I guess if someone from MM said otherwise, I would begin to suspect
that even MINIMED doesn't know what they are talking about.  Then which one to

That is one of the annoying things to me about MM pumps, how they are not
given to storage as a back up once their years of use have come and gone.  It
doesn't help someone who wants to store their pump as back up when upgrading.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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