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Re: [IP] Re: Eye Problems

I was diagnosed in 1980 at age 4.  The endo at the time recommended that my
parents have my eyes dilated and checked every 18 months.   This was done
regularily by an opthamologist until I was 15.  Then, after my parents and I
moved, I went to an appointement with a new doctor and he noticed some small
'spots' which looked old but he wanted to keep an eye on them, so I switched
to going every 12 months.

When I went on the pump in 1999 (age 23) my first appointment after doing so
showed that the spots had completely cleared!  My opthamologist told me I
could go back to the 18 month schedule if I wanted to.  Since I also have my
eyes checked to see if I need new glasses (slightly nearsighted), it is just
easier to mark my calendar for once a year.  YMMV

Now, I have only had my eyes dialated and the doctor did a visual check of
my retinas.  I have not had the dye exam done.  One endo I had mentioned the
dye exam, but when I asked my opthamologist about it he said he didn't think
I needed it, but he would do it if I wanted.  I decided to wait until I knew
more about it.  Does anyone know what that exam is and and any advantage to
having it done?

-- Sherry
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