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Re: [IP] JDRF posters

> But I refuse to consider myself a victim.  The last thing in the world
that I
> want from people is their pity.  They may not have diabetes to deal with,
> everyone has to deal with something.  It isn't always a health problem,
> everybody has some sort of difficulty in life.  Diabetes is mine.  I am
> choosing to make the best of it.
> Kristen

Several people have posted "positive thoughts" about diabetes, and I agree
with them all on a personal level. Problem is, if JDRF (or any other
"appeal") takes a "positive" stance, they will receive much less money. If
donors believe that diabetes can be managed and that is not a death sentence
etc., do you think they will open their wallets for the cause? Nope.

I write grants for a living. I've actually written one to the CDC for
diabetes education in minority communities. An effective grant application,
like a fund-raising campaign, begins with a convincing problem, or case,
statement. If that component is weak, you don't get funded, period. That
means you have to paint a dismal picture if you want to succeed. Ironic,
huh? But it doesn't mean that you or I believe we as individuals can't make

I would like to point out that the 4,000 people on this list are motivated,
positive individuals who want to control of their diabetes instead of the
reverse. But there are millions of diabetics who are in fact at risk of
developing complications and living shorter lives. No matter how good any
person on this list is at managing diabetes, the fact remains that it is the
number one cause of new blindness and the sixth leading cause of death in
the U.S.

So the posters and PSAs are overkill. Don't take it personally. They know
what they are doing.

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