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[IP] Re: infection in site. (Carrying Staph)

If you are a staph carrier, is it possible to get rid of it by
> taking antibiotics for a period of time?  Just curious.  I thought I
> read something about that once.

My understanding is that it's permanent, but I don't know a >lot about 
 it other than there are people on the list that are "blessed" >with this. It is
benign for the carrier except when there are open wounds,
>etc.... Perhaps someone more knowledgable can provide an answer.


 I don't know how knowledgeable I really am but...actually we are all
technically staph carriers since we all have some naturally occuring on our
skin. However, it's the strain of staph organism that makes the difference and
some are more resistant to antibiotics and can cause pretty bad illness in the
right person.
 Methicillin resistant staph aureus (MRSA) is carried in a lot of nostrils, and
other places, and is one that can be "bad" in the wrong spot. Often, it can be
eliminated with Bactroban ointment applied to the nostrils (for a long time),
but it also may require a long treatment, with strong antibiotics that are not
generally used every day, especially for for severe, or life threatening cases.
Depending on the circumstance, it may not have to be treated at all because, as
you indicated, it usually will not cause infection per say, in the carrier.
However, one needs to be careful not to transmit it to others who may not have
great natural defenses.

Joann, Mom to Cara
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