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[IP] Re: Eye problems

Hi Jan,
       No Claire doesn't wear glasses, or need them at this point in time 
anyhow.   Two of my kids had eye check ups together and they both have 
dilated eyes, the doc said some kids are just like this.  When we made the 
big trip to see an Endo last May, Claire had been dx 5 years at that point in 
time, so I was anxious to know what tests she might need in honour of that 
anniversary.  Endo said nothing was needed.  I did not like him one bit and 
do not plan on going back, though I'm keeping the option open as he is our 
only option!!!  He said that no dilated eye exam was necessary and that even 
dipping the urine for protein was unnecessary.  And he couldn't understand 
why our previous endo, who started Claire on the pump, ordered the blood 
tests that she did, which had been forwarded to him.
       Anyhow, to see an opthamologist would require a referral from a GP and 
if they don't think its necessary, they won't send the referral.  The wait 
for an appointment would probably take quite awhile.  The optometrist gave us 
an appointment at a time I liked within a couple of weeks.  He planned a 
longer appointment to dilate Claire, until I told him that the Endo said it 
wasn't necessary, and I was able to bring her in at an easier time.   Maybe 
at age 10 they will think it is a good time for a "benchmark" check-up.  ??   
This optometrist was really great at solving some of my vision problems, 
which is why I believe he is quite knowledgeable.  He is in a group with 
about 8 others, and across the hall in the other part of the building are the 
3 opthamologists, so don't think they are in competition for patients.  
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8

> Does Claire wear glasses? *I* (an untrained eye <gr>) have dx'd people for
> glasses due to dilated eyes. It seems they enlarge to absorb whatever they
> can to be able to see and to clarify objects. Since you said your
> optometrist is a good one whom you trust, does he really have a problem 
> with
> you visiting an ophthalmologist? What's he afraid of - losing a patient, 
> but
> it might even be better for the patient? Once every 5 yrs doesn't sound
> excessive and you can always get a second opinion. However, I do not know
> about in Canada where you are.
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