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[IP] Re: I Have Had It

You must be very frustrated indeed!  I don't know where you live, but
may I make a suggestion?  The major pump companies in the US have
clinical service personnel to help meet the needs of their pump users.
By "clinical services" I mean a certified diabetes educator who is
either a registered nurse or a registered dietitian.  Usually the
clinician can help with the issues you mentioned:  assessing basal and
bolus performance, BG patterns, and communicating with your physician to
help with insulin adjustments.  If you don't know who is assigned to
your neck of the woods, call the toll free number on the back of your
pump, and ask the tech support person to help you contact your regional
clinical services manager.  If you wear a Disetronic pump, you are
welcome to email me with your address, and I'll put you in touch with
the appropriate person in your area.
Anne Levitt, RN, CDE
Clinical Services Manager, Vermont and Upstate New York
1-800-915-3698 x5619 (Voice Mail)
1-612-965-2541 (Cell Phone)
1-518-872-2725 (Fax)
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