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Re: [IP] b-ball discrimination

I'm sorry your coach doesn't care. Is this a school team? I know I am 
seeing this as a parent, not as a kid, but I wouldn't take it without a 
fight. If it's a school team, and you don't feel like you can talk to 
the coach, then talk to the athletic director or the principal.

I hope you can find a coach that will accept you as you are. Our 
daughter, Jenny, is 14 and playing on JV soccer at her high school. Her 
coach is wonderful and asked her what he should if she has problems. He 
asked for my (the mom's) cell phone number so he could call if there was 
an emergency.

There are good, caring coaches out there. Hang in there.


email @ redacted wrote:

>Well im 13 and Im on the basketball team and i have diabetes. My casch doesnt 
>care ab0out me having diabetes so maybe you should talk to the coach and see 
>what his problem is
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