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[IP] Regarding unjustified comments

Its really pathetic that currently people are still so naive about Diabetes.  
I can recall so many similar incidents when I was a youngster and my friends 
parents didn't want me to even associate with their children, in case my 
diabetes was contagious! I am going back well over 40 years ago, and diabetes 
was still rather "unknown" and not many doctors even knew how to treat it 
back then. Yes, I have heard the same stories of "oh ya, my friends friend 
died...yadda yadda yadda." But on the other hand, how many of us, the ones 
who do have diabetes, if we didn't have it, would we understand it?  Its up 
to all of us to explain the issues we have go through and to make other's 
realize that we too can and do live long happy lives....
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