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Re: [IP] JDRF ads

At 11:46 AM -0500 2/18/03, Sharon Brousseau wrote:

>My thought regarding the JDRF ads is that the uncontrolled diabetes will
>result in the loss of limbs, kidney disease, blindness that is true but I
>don't think the scare/guilt tactics are going to stop a person with diabetes
>not want to eat that candybar that leads to high blood sugar - I know that
>already. I was raised on the guilt principal all my life and now I resent
>those who attempt to impose guilt on me. I would rather see positive
>advertising on coping with a disease and making better choices for the
>meantime of dealing with the after effects of that candybar. Or better yet, it
>the purpose of those ads is to teach me something then why not teach me to use
>the better choice of something sweet - like fruit dipped in yogurt - it is
>sweet but it is nonfat. Off the soapbox now. Happy Pumping! Sharon

Excuse me, but just reverse your initials for what I think of this. 
This has nothing to do with "scare tactics".  Guilt tactics, yes, but 
these ads are directed at those that know nothing, or worse, all the 
wrong ideas about what diabetes means to diabetics (excuse my non-PC 
terminology)    We want money to come into JDRF, and if one of their 
ads makes you uncomfortable, well then GREAT.  We want more people to 
feel uncomfortable about diabetes and to get off their fat wallets 
and empty them out for JDRF.  So to all you that have been made to 
feel uncomfortable, Thanks, glad to know the ad agency is doing a 
good job!     ;>)

(who feels no guilt about this, I don't want pity I want MONEY!)
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