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Re: [IP] JDRF posters


How would you like the ads to be for JDRF?  I don't think it works just NOT
doing anything and just accepting your lot in life.  Nothing would get done
way if that is how everyone felt.  We do have to raise money for research or
we aren't going to get any closer to the cure.  You sound like you have been
lucky with this disease, but I do know there are LOTS of people that aren't
as lucky.
People without diabetes aren't aware of that unless they have a family
member or close
friend with it.

I just really would like to know how you would raise money to help find the
cure. How
would your ads go?

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> I hope I don't offend anyone with this, but those posters remind me of
> PSAs I have seen that are made by the JDRF.  They are a MAJOR turn off to
> On the PSAs,
> Kristen
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