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[IP] ignorant comments about diabetes treatment (Was Re:JDRF ads)

> #2.  "Oh my!  Your diabetes must be BAD because you are on an
> insulin pump!"
> This comment, although potentially hurtful has not bothered me.  I
> chalk it
> up to being medically uneducated.  I tell them that it isn't
> necessarily BAD,
> I just take a very proactive approach to dealing with the diabetes.

My, how times have changed!  I remember shortly after my diagnosis in 1985.  I
was immediately put on four shots a day, but it was still standard treatment
for many diabetics to take only one or two shots a day.  I had a number of
people comment, when they heard how many times I was getting an injection,
that it must "be really bad, if you need to take it that often!"

I responded much the same way some of you have regarding pump therapy.  The
difference is that when I told them, "This is better.  It is more like the
natural way your body works," I actually had people argue with me.  They
thought the treatment their friend was getting was not inferior in any way to
multiple injections.

If I believed that, I suppose I would have opted for fewer injections!  I
never did buy into it.  Now I'm always surprised to hear of people still on
just one or two injections a day, but I think it is becoming more uncommon all
the time.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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