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Re: [IP] Doctors

Sorry to hear things are not going well. You may have to get down right
forceful about seeing your  doctor. Years ago when my son, Jeff, was about 4
years old, he was running a fever of 104. I called the doctors office every
day, reported his symptoms to the receptionist and she put me off every day
saying it was a viral thing going around. By Saturday, when he hit 105, my
husband got on the phone. He did not ask for an appointment, he just told
the receptionist that we would be there in 15 minutes. We were seen almost
as soon as we walked into the office. I let the doctor know about my
conversations with the receptionist. After taking Jeff's temperature, the
doctor - not a nurse - started an alcohol rub to cool him down. He stayed
with Jeff for about 1/2 hour straight. Seems, Jeff had a double ear
infection. The doctor called us that night and again on Sunday to see how
Jeff was doing. I am sure he knew his a__ was in a sling if anything more
serious developed.

I am sort of fed up with the endo groups, too. I switched to a new endo
clinic in December. I have now had 2 appts-both with a nurse practioner.
The second visit was just last week. Before going in, I filled out their
standard form which asked if I had had any problems with a number of
different items. One was with cramping - to which I said yes and explained.
Once I met with the NP, she was interested in seeing the Cozmo. That took
about 10 minutes. She never looked at the sheet I filled out nor did she ask
for my bg log. She asked about what prescriptions I needed then I asked
about the cramping. Her response, was "I have no idea what causes that, ask
your internist." I could understand her referring me to my internist for
many other symptoms but why for a symptom which they have specifically
included in the questionair. For my 10 minute demo of the Cozmo, I was
billed $129.00. I am sure $25.00 was for lab work as at my last visit - the
lab work being a bg test. Wish I could get $25.00 for every bg test I did.

Adriana, I really hope you get to feeling better soon. It's the pits when
you feel so awful and have to fight to see a doctor. We have a number of
immediate care facilities in the area that as long as you don't mind sitting
in the waiting room for a few yours, you can get help. I think I have lucked
our lately and found a good internist. She has seen me a few times with just
an hours notice. She's the one that suggested I change endocronoligist and
she's the only doc that has asked to check my feet. If she would write my
scripts for supplies I think I would tell the new endo to kiss off.

Take care,
Sue (Memphis)
Dx 01/29/02
Cozmo Pumping 01/07/03

Take care,
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