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[IP] Doctors

I am at my wits end. I posted a few weeks ago about having to be hospitalized 
in DKA because the resident working with my PCP didn't think that large 
ketones and BG's over 300 were bad. Well, I have yet to fully get well. BGs 
have gone down on the new higher basal rate, but have yet to feel "normal" 
again. Sunday I got congested in my chest and coughing like crazy. I lost my 
voice yesterday and am still not able to talk all the well. I sound conjested 
yet, my nose is 100% clear. It feels like I have a huge boulder sitting on my 
chest and it hurts like heck to breathe. I am having some problems breathing. 
So I called my PCP's office to get in. This could very easily be viral, but I 
cannot afford to miss ANY school so I want to be on the safe side. So I call, 
and there are no opening till April, I say I am sick and need to get in, well 
all the "acute" appointment are booked only 24 hours in advanced and 
wednesday is all booked. There is an opening Thursday but i have to call 
wednesday to get it. So, I call the Nurse at my endo's office, she said you 
need to be seen lets see if your endo will get you in. He calls me and says 
its a cold. I explain further and he LAUGHS at me! LAUGHS! So I politely hang 
up the phone.  I am done with this system! I refuse to be treated like that! 
This is the endo that didn't want me on the pump and I had to see my endo 
back home to get it, he didn't want me to have a 24hour urine test. Even if 
this is a cold (never had a cold like this, everytime i have these symptoms i 
end up on inhalers) shouldn't he see me? What if it were pneumonia? Not 
saying it is. But still!

What do I do??? For those in Chicago, know any in downtown? This guy is 
listed in the Pump Referal on the website! Yeah right Im seeing him again! 

dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992 and again in 2002
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