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Re: [IP] Two sites are better than one?

> Cara,
> I have heard that too.  But I'm at a loss as to how or why this
> would work.
> Consider.  You disconnect your cannula from your pump.  You insert a
> new cannula and attach it to your new site.  The pump, immediately
> pumps the insulin after being primed .
> The old cannula which is still attached to you has nothing to pump
> insulin with.
> I am just really at a loss here.  Have I missed something?

When you remove the old set, two things happen. 
1) you do some small amount of damage to the surrounding tissue which 
reduces the ability of that tissue to absorb insulin and;
2) the wound leaks body fluid AND insulin. This is a very small 
amount, but consider how small a 5 unit droplet of insulin on the 
tip of your cannula looks when you prime the set and it is easy to 
see how a pretty large amount of insulin can get "lost" during a set 
change and result in a high.

Leaving the old set in place for the half-life of the 
insulin-absorbtion eliminates this problem.

humalog novolog 2 hours
regular 4 hours.

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