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Re: [IP] Sick of being sick!

> "Sue" <email @ redacted>  wrote:
> >How long were you on the antibiotic? I think a sinus infection requires 
> >much longer than the standard 10 days.
> I agree.  Last year I had to take the antibiotic for my sinus
> infection for 3 weeks before the doctor was satisfied that it had
> cleared up.  This year I took two 10 day doses.

Sinus infections can require months of therapy. It only takes a few 
weeks to kill the bugs, but it takes much longer to get the sinus's 
to drain. You should see and ear/nose/throat or allergy specialist if 
there is persistent problems with sinus infections. Usually they will 
prescribe humibid to assist drainage, pseudoephedrin to help reduce 
the congestion and an allergy medicine such as claritin to be taken 
together for an extended period of time to eliminate the problem. My 
oldest son had to take this cocktail for 6 months to get rid of a 
persistent sinus blockage. You really need to see a doc familiar with 
these problems to solve them effectively. You should NOT try to do 
this on your own.

email @ redacted
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