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[IP] Mysteries

My BGs are almost always below 200 and have been that way since the
beginning.  I suspect that, though I am type 1, my pancreas still
functions and puts out insulin.  I've just never had the extremes of BGs
that others report.  I'm sure this is lots of help.  Perhaps insulin
resistance is a part of your problem.  A diabetic friend reports good
luck with glucophage in conjunction with insulin in keeping her BGs
under control.

I also have the problem of certain foods causing a BG peak as much as 6
hours after I've eaten.  Usually it's high fat foods and I've assumed
that the fat slows the metabolizing of carbs.  I have learned to do a
correction bolus at the appropriate time.  I'd love a pump that allows
programming of that extra "kick" hours after the meal, but not yet.  I
still have to remember.

Diane Richards
Mankato, MN
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