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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #68 New Pump

        Hello everyone.  Well, my warranty on my 507c is up in march so I'm 
thinking on what pump to upgrade to.  My problem is that the only choices I 
have are the minimed 508 and paradigm.  The animas R1000.  Or the disetronic 
pumps.  I've had my 507c for almost four years and thank God have never run 
into any problems.  I've read so many times on this site all the problems 
with the paradigm and i really don't have the patience or the energy to deal 
with such problems.  i was thinking maybe just going to the 508 but there are 
so many newer pumps on the market i don't know if this would be a wise 
choice.  the new cozmo looks great and seems to have so many new options so 
does the nipro amigo which still has not been out in distribution as of yet.  
also the r1000.  i don't know i was just wondering if you guys could give me 
your input about what you think about these pumps.  

Lisette dxed 1983 pumping since 1999
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