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RE: [IP] re:b-ball discrimination

 I agree with Kay's post about first talking to the JV coach--try to find out
your son's "real" b-ball abilities (although he sounds pretty good to me:-) and
also let him know what's going on and try to get him "on your side" if we have
to put it in those terms. Then have a chat with the coach after watching a few
practices or games.
 If this guy is as jerky as he seems right now I really doubt he's going to be
interested in being TRAINED ON GLUCOGON or any other low treatment. That doesn't
sound like a good approach. But you should let him know the reality of your
son's D. and that he/you all have plans for anything that may happen.
 I also like that Chris said in that "you may want to education him about the
opportunities act as it applies to schools and athletics," if all else fails.
 A talk with the Athletic Director and/or principal might not hurt if all else
 Your son should not be cut if he has a good shot only b/c some idiot high
school coach doesn't know his head from a hole in the ground!
 Sorry, I got a bit frustrated there! I can only imagine how you as the Mama
Good luck, don't give up and keep us posted!
--janet (Dx @ age 3, 8/78; pumping H-tron+ since 6/00)
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From: Kay Guy [mailto:email @ redacted]

Could you express your concerns to the JV coach? He may be able to put 
in a good word for your son with the Varsity coach. You might also find 
out the real reason. If it is discrimination, you could talk to the 
athletic director or principal.

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