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[IP] Re: son's job intervention

> I would suggest that you talk to
> your son and see if he wants your intervention.  I hated both of the above
> incidents in my son's life.  But I did hold back because he asked me.

Our situation was a little different. My son had major breathing problems
when he was born in '61 due to my DM. This set him back developmentally. He
had to repeat two grades in school, then we put our kids in a Christian
school. A semester before he was to graduate, I was getting concerned about
him qualifying - due to some strict *writing* rules. I asked son if I could
call the principal and he said very adamantly, "If you tell him it's under
my protest you can." This got son off the hook - I told the principal I was
there under son's protest but he knew about it. Well, I frankly told the
principal that if he was not going to graduate, we'd withdraw him and place
him back in the public school where there were well over 600 senior
students - and he'd get a diploma there. I needed to know then so we could
make proper plans.

There were 17 in son's class - and he was #17. However, he would NOT have
been #600+ in the public school. I told the principal that son would NOT
spend one more year in school and public school would gladly take him back.

Perhaps if your son agreed to you talking to the boss lady, but under his
protest, this will save his face that you are doing this on your own and not
molly coddling him. (~_^)

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