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Re: [IP] b-ball discrimination

 I would talk to the coach and assure him that there is a plan if your
son has any problems. Make sure the coach is trained or that you are
available in case of an emergency.

I have sat through all of Jenny's soccer practices since she was
diagnosed (until this year). Usually I was in the car reading or working,
but both the coach and she knew where to find me if she had problems. I
never felt like a coach intended to discriminate, but more it was the
fear of not being sure what to do.

I have stopped hovering so much now that she is in high school and has
sports practices every afternoon. I do have my cell phone on me at all
times, Jenny's phone is in her sports bag. I made sure the nurse has
given emergency diabetes training (including glucagon) to all of her


email @ redacted wrote:

  Have you talked with the coach, My guess is the coach is scared that by
  your son play he would get sick. Maybe the coach just needs to be reassured
  your son is capable of playing.

   How old is your son and how is he being discriminated - is he not getting to
  play? How long has he been on the team???

   Perhaps it would help if you were there to watch the game that way the coach
  wouldn't have to worry about being in control if your son go low?

  Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
  Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm    

    I think that my child might be being discriminated against by his 
    basketballcoach because of his diabetes.  What would you guys do 
    if it was your child?  

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