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Re: [IP] re:b-ball discrimination

> Really, am I just being one of those moms or does it sound fishy to you
> too?

I would have to say that you are not being "one of those moms" since you son
has not had to chance to earn a spot on  the team or be cut for not making
the grade.

Is  the coach aware of the diabetes issue and might be worried about the
liability if your son got injured by way of his diabetes?  If so, he isn't
much of a coach.  God knows I'm no sports fan, but I am aware that there are
tons of professional athletes with diabetes.

If you son wants, you may want to educate the coach about diabetes.  If the
coach doesn't learn, you may want to education him about the equal
opportunities act as it applies to schools and athletics.  It may help to
enlist the JV coach on your side as well.

Good luck

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