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[IP] Re: From Phoenix to Phoenix

Phoenix Becker wrote:
>  >  Can any one tell me anything about some sets I've heard of? Some one
> mentioned
>  > the Polyfin set today, I've never heard of it before.
> The Polyfin sets are not new. I use the "Polyfin QR Infusion Set", which
> I obtain from MiniMed. This set is also known, informally, as the "Bent
> Needle" infusion set. I'm not sure, but I think "Polyfin" is a brand
> name used by MiniMed. <snip>
> Tom Beatson

Sorry, Tom, I used Polyfin tubing with the straight needle back in '83 for
my CPI/Lilly pumps. The Polyfin tubing did something to the insulin (Regular
/ Velosulin so Nordisk added a buffering to Velosulin and therefore became
Velosulin BR. It was the only insulin approved for pumps.

We bent our own needles, then they got the bright idea of pre-bending them
so they could charge more. The QR came later. I still have an *extension* -
it has a Luer Lock at both ends of a 43" tubing. It connected to the
reservoir, then the other end connected to the infusion set making an 86"
long tubing to wear with long dresses, etc.  A Polyfin set is shown on my
picture trail of the pumps.

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