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[IP] re:b-ball discrimination

My child starts on the JV team.  He is a really good three point shooter.
But, for some reason from day one the varsity coach has wanted nothing to do
with my child and won't give him a chance.  My child had a meeting with the
coach and he pretty much came out and said that he didn't want my child to go
out for b-ball next year and that if he did he would be cut.

I don't want to sound like one of those moms that thinks her kid is the best
but really they aren't.  But really something just doesn't make sense.  He is
the leading, or one of the leading, scorers out of all the JV and Varsity
kids. I heard  the JV coach say that my child was the best scorer that our
school had seen in 10 years.  So something just doesn't make sense and not
sure what to do about it.  When my child met with the varsity coach he said
that he was too weak and would never be able to get a shot off on the varsity
level, even though they have never given him a chance.

Really, am I just being one of those moms or does it sound fishy to you guys
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