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Re: [IP] Mysteries!

>I'm amazed at everyone who is able to keep their BG level below 200
>So, what's the key?

>You see, I have problem foods.  Certain foods give me a very delayed
>rise in BG levels.  Pizza is the prime example...though, I've pretty
>much got that one figured out.  But I sometimes will have a breakfast
>value-meal from BK.  Sausage/egg/cheese croissant with hash browns and
>diet soda.  So, I test my BG level about 2 hours later and again 3
>hours later, and the numbers are dropping.  But, at 4 hours, my BG
>level rises again.  This is similar to what I see with Pizza, but NOT
>other foods with similar protein content, such as burger and fries.

Two things, Ryan.  I avoid 'problem foods' and I avoid fast food places!

>What do you all think?  (Of course, such a theory makes me think back
>to the Old Testament law against eating Pork.  Perhaps there is a
>reason???  Thoughts to ponder!)

Pork is no problem to me, unless it's Pork and Beans!     ;>)

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