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Re: [IP] how to store extra pump

> Remember, we are talking about a MM507 here.  The instructions for 
> storage
> of different brands of pumps are going to vary.  Your instructions 
> sound
> like you are recommending how to store a Disetronic brand pump.  MM 
> pumps do
> not have any termination date, and the warranty is valid from the 
> date of
> purchase, not the number of days used.  507's are so old that they 
> are
> almost certain to be beyond the end of the warranty period, anyway.
> I believe MM pumps are NOT supposed to be stored without batteries.  
> You
> have to go to the trouble of routinely replacing the batteries 
> before you
> think they will die, or you might store it in a prominent spot where 
> you
> would be sure to hear it alarming over a depleted battery.

Hi Everyone
In response to the above:

My instructions are for ANY TYPE of Electronic Equipment. You should 
not store any equipment with batteries in them as you run the risk of
the batteries going dead and then leaking inside the equipment, rendering

it useless. Without batteries you might lose any data held in memory and 
will need to reprogram it. There is generally no reason to store
while it is powered up.

Does MM or other pump company or Glucose meter company  ship 
new equipment with batteries installed? No they don't, as they have no
when it will first be used, setting on a shelf for months and the
going dead..... There may be batteries partly in place or a strip of
inserted to keep the contacts from touching 

So if you feel you must keep batteries in electronic equipment (or a
put it on the kitchen table or fireplace mantle so you can keep track of
it and 
change batteries as often as necessary. and the only reason to keep
in a pump is to hold the contents of memory and once the pump is replaced

there is probably no reason to keep the contents of memory. Or are you 
trying to hold the last 40 boluses so you can go back and read or
them. And what about the added cost of batteries, not many of us want or 
can afford to keep batteries in 2 or 3 pumps, just in case they might
need it. 
I would rather save the extra expense and reprogram the pump if I need

Good luck and  MM if your listening, Please correct me if I am wrong.

John LaMaide

In electronics for over 40 years.
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