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[IP] son's job

The only advice I would give is that if your son does not want you to 
interfere, then let him handle it.  This is a great opportunity for him to 
learn about how to deal with employers while he's still living at home and is 
not depending on the income for rent, food, lights, phone, etc.  If he 
doesn't talk to his boss and he loses his job, it's lesson he'll remember.  I 
have a 16 year old (non-diabetic) and the thought of her making mistakes 
after she's left home scares me more than the mistakes she's making now :-)
PS:  When I was out in the working world, I didn't let employers know about 
my diabetes because of the adverse reactions I got from anyone who found out 
I was diabetic.  You might say that the diabetic-phobics in the world put me 
in the closet about my diabetes.  Of course I was much younger back then and 
what others thought about me meant so much more than it does today.
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