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[IP] Mysteries!

I'm amazed at everyone who is able to keep their BG level below 200 
most of the time.  While my averages have dropped (and A1c), I still 
have rather frequent BG levels above 200 (even when I'm NOT sick).  

So, what's the key?  Do you very accurately always calculate your carbs 
(weighing, etc.)?  Or, do you mostly avoid carbs still despite doing 
carb-counting?  Perhaps you eat the same things very consistantly?

You see, I have problem foods.  Certain foods give me a very delayed 
rise in BG levels.  Pizza is the prime example...though, I've pretty 
much got that one figured out.  But I sometimes will have a breakfast 
value-meal from BK.  Sausage/egg/cheese croissant with hash browns and 
diet soda.  So, I test my BG level about 2 hours later and again 3 
hours later, and the numbers are dropping.  But, at 4 hours, my BG 
level rises again.  This is similar to what I see with Pizza, but NOT 
other foods with similar protein content, such as burger and fries.

Today, for example, I tested my BG 3 hours post-breakfast and it was 
187.  So, I bolused a bit more because it was still a bit too high for 
how much insulin should have still been working.  Another hour later, 
it is up to 217.

I have tried to factor in protein and bolus for it, but it isn't 
enough.  I still end up with the delayed rise.  So, all I have left to 
attribute it to is that one of the proteins in the sausage, egg, or 
cheese is triggering the glucagon release, just as pizza does.  But 
what?  What is different about the sausage/egg/cheese combo from, say, 
the double-cheeseburger I might eat for lunch or dinner?  Perhaps the 
pork?  After all, while I've typically blamed the cheese for 
the "glucagon effect" for Pizza, perhaps it is the pepperoni?  (Now 
that I think of it, is Pepperoni made from pork?  I assume so.)  

What do you all think?  (Of course, such a theory makes me think back 
to the Old Testament law against eating Pork.  Perhaps there is a 
reason???  Thoughts to ponder!)

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