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[IP] IP CHAT's coming up..

Pumpers and Friends,

      I hope everyone is safe warm and has Great Blood Sugars....  Well if
you missed last night College chat drop in next Sunday night at 10pm
EST....I had a lot of fun in it :)
    On Tuesday 2-18 there will be the first meter chat with the people from
TheraSence at 9pm EST in the Guest room and when on Thursday 2-20 there will
be a pump maker's chat  with the people from Dana.
     Next week there will be a chat with two pump maker's , first Deltec on
2-24-03 Monday in the Guest room at 9pm EST , and when on Wednesday 2-26-03
in the Guest room at 9pm EST  with Minimed.
     College Chat is on Sunday at 10pm EST.... Parents Chat ...what would be
the BEST time or DAY for it please let me or Kerri know.

                    REMEMBER TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY

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