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Re: [IP] Why do analogs need prescriptions

> MY insurance DOES NOT pay for over-the-counter drugs, but they DO PAY for
> ALL prescriptions.
> MY insulin ALWAYS be a prescription drug!!!!!

i know we've said it before, but here in canada, or at least in ontario,
analog insulins like novorapid (novolog to those south of the border) are
available without prescription.  this makes perfect sense to me, since
insulin is insulin, no matter which kind, it's all life-sustaining

my insurance, pathetic tho' it may be, doesn't require a prescription note
to cover the insulin, i just send in the receipt, with a written note from
the pharmacist if i remember, and that's it.  haven't had a problem yet.

liz - in lovely ottawa, realizing she's going to have to give finnegan the
cat his antibiotics in a few hours... pass the polysporin please!
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