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[IP] Re:JDRF ads


Amen to that!  A couple more insensitive comments that have both burned me 
and haunted me over my 35 years of T1. 

#1.  "We will know if you took good care of yourself if you have 
complications later in life."  That piece of wisdom came from my brother 
almost 25 years ago when there was only urine testing and NPH/reg. therapy.  
Just in the last six months have I been able to put that comment to rest 
(where it belongs).  About two years ago his non D father in law died from 
kidney failure.  Changed his perspective on why bad things happen to good 

#2.  "Oh my!  Your diabetes must be BAD because you are on an insulin pump!"  
This comment, although potentially hurtful has not bothered me.  I chalk it 
up to being medically uneducated.  I tell them that it isn't necessarily BAD, 
I just take a very proactive approach to dealing with the diabetes.

There are a few comments that still hurt my feelings.  Yes, I know I give the 
people who said them an unfair power over me, but I still struggle with it.  
Some I have put to rest, some still affect how I approach life.  This is one 
reason I like this service.  It helps me to keep things in perspective.

Cee Dee
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"LawnNinja" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>Ok-kind of funny- hubby and I were just headed home from the inlaws and 
>saw the billboard "Juvenile Diabetes Hurts Kids" Now I understand why my 
>boss at my new job asked why I hadn't outgrown it! Now I also understand 
>why when I told one of my folks friends that I was pregnant they said "Why 
>would you do that diabetes hurts kids"....Drives me nuts...(and also-as 
>someone mentioned-all the DIABETES/OBESITY stuff...The only time I was 
>ever thin was the day I was diagnosed-so people at work ask me every time 
>there is an article in the paper-if I lose weight will I not be a diabetic 
>anymore? or "put down that juice-save the calories you'll be cured"

Yes, and wait until you're 50-something and when you tell people you have 
diabetes, they give you that knowing look that says, "well if you just 
didn't eat junk food and lose some weight you wouldn't have diabetes".  I 
just tell them that even if I weighed 90 pounds and didn't eat at all, I'd 
still have diabetes and still need to take insulin.

dxd 1963
pumping 2000
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