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[IP] Re: son's job

I remember as a teenager and as a young adult I never told my employers about 
my diabetes.  Got me in trouble twice that I remember.  Had serious lows on 
the job. Both times my employers were very understanding and encourageing.  
My brother doesn't tell he is a diabetic when he goes for a job.  At times it 
has not been to his best interest.  If your son's employer had such a fit 
about missing a n evening shift I would be worried about  job security.  Both 
of my 17 y/o's work at local restaurants and except once both of their 
employers have understood call-ins at the last minute.
I hope things work out for him.  I would encourage him to tell his employer 
and have a plan in case somthing were to happen at work.  I know from 
experience the dangers of being the only one in the know!

dx 3/63
pumping 3/00
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