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Re: [IP] Re: son's job


My son has mental health issues.  He was hospitalized for a week.  He called
his boss at Arbys he worked at and was told to have a note from the
hospital.  When he got out, he went to his boss and handed in the note.  The
boss told him he would be on the next weeks schedule.  When he went to
report to work, he was told he was terminated because he had not worked for
two weeks.

The next job was at Burger King.  He had some problems handling schedule
changes, but for the most part was doing well.  One day he went to work and
was told by his boss,  "This just isn't working."

So, without any warning, he lost another job.  Coincidentally, the only
other handicapped employ was terminated on the same day.

In both cases, I offered to speak to his former supervisors.  He asked me
not to and I left it alone.  Restraunts pick up help, chew them up and spit
them out.  There's always another kid looking for gas money. So, even if the
boss knows the real story, it might not help much.

I guess besides having a chance to vent, I would suggest that you talk to
your son and see if he wants your intervention.  I hated both of the above
incidents in my son's life.  But I did hold back because he asked me.

Best wishes and good luck!

 I have encourage him to find a time to talk to his boss and
> explain his diabetes to her. He said he would but I seriously doubt it. I
> troubled as a parent that I may need to interfere here and call his boss.
He has
> never called off work before and rarely has pump problems . Although I can
> certainly understand why his boss would assume he had blown off a night of
> I feel it is important that his boss knows the real story- any advice?
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